Mombasa College of Professional Studies is a leading educational center of higher learning in Kenya pioneered by Cure International Kenya which is Non Governmental and charitable organization with registration vide No. OP.218/051/2005/0206/3988.

It is fully accredited by the commission of Higher Education, Kenya and registered by the Directorate of Industrial Training and Ministry of Education Science and Technology to provide professional training vide Reg. NO. MOHE.S.T./PC/1009/2006 and KNEC Centre.

NO.401115 The Institute was pioneered by Cure International Kenya­NGO whose Board of Directors are composed of team of professional who have wealthy experience and expertise in Community development, health Communication, computer Hospitality, Engineering, communication, Business among others. The NGO through its Board of Directors felt there was need to pioneer an educational center in order to develop human resource in those fields so that they can run more efficiently and effectively. This act of running/managing those fields can only be achievable through proactive appropriate capacity building of the human resource who are well equipped with relevant skills, knowledge and the right attitude of achieving Kenya at vision 2030.

Mombasa College of Professional Studies is an enduring learning experience.The staff is composed of persons of learning; with wealthy experience and spirit for success.The institute draws upon the intrinsic knowledge and wisdom of leaners to achieve their mision of betterring lives.

The Courses

The courses target individuals and groups involved in the field career of Development, Health, Communications, Computer, Hospitality, Engineering Communication among others or hope to do so. These courses are practical biased and hence little time is spent on lectures. Fieldwork, assighments,homework & case studies take more time. During the course students are assisted to get attachment to government ministries, CBOs, Airlines, Industries, factories, Five star hotels, NGOs & other Organization in order to expose them to their future careers. At the end of the courses, students are required to undertake research projects, and thereafter write comprehensive reports and defend them before a panel of experts

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Our Philosophy

Education is for quality transformation of lives and environments.


To continually search for and transmit current relevant knowledge and values for gainful transformation of social groups.

Our Vision

Mombasa College of Professional Studies envisions delivering an equipped workforce with the awareness and abilities essential for building safe, productive, and progressive communities.

Our Objectives

Mombasa College of Professional Studies has an objective of furthering action against poverty and deprivation by developing the critical capacities for efficient and effective protection and support of livelihoods and promotion of human development.